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This website is about putting into your hands the best scientific photographic techniques for you to use either as researchers or photographers. The world of photography has moved on massively in terms of what is possible yet many basic principles have either been forgotten or they are in inaccessible papers or journals published in the 20th century if not the 19th century. Here we aim to bring to you the best of the new along with the old.
Darkfield illumination of bleached and unbleached Jellyfish
“For scientists who want to take great photographs and photographers who want to learn about scientific photography”

Scientific photographer, writer and educator

  • Information about scientific photographic techniques to enable you to produce photographs with and without expensive equipment.
  • Examples to show what is possible.



I have been a professional photographer for over 35 years since qualifying as a clinical photographer at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.  I have now been teaching photography for over 25 years and have a experience in a wide range of techniques.

Programmes I have taught includes:

  • HNC in Medical and Technical Photography
  • BSc (Hons) in Biological Imaging
  • Forensic imaging for BSc(Hons) in Forensic Science programmes
  • Scientific photography for Zoology and Biology

Many of my students are now working professionally as photographers in clinical and general photography as well as crime scene managers.

I first developed my expertise in learning and teaching through the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, including Visual Education, at the Aberystwyth University and whilst at the University of Derby becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  Part of my work at the University included teaching on the Postgraduate Programme in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and being a Teaching Fellow with a focus on personal development planning (PDP) and continuing professional development (CPD). See https://learningforprofessionalpractice.com/ for a wide range of papers and learning resources covering "Learning and CPD".


Brightfield and darkfield sectioned incisor

Bright field and darkfield sectioned incisor